How will we achieve a quality building Will users find meaning in our work Will the cultural value we aspire to, earn our design enduring appreciation Are our solutions rooted in cultural understanding and respect Can we contribute to the cultural expression with innovative approaches Are we respectful to the cultural context in which we work Are we anchoring the financial sustainability in true environmental sustainability Do we push beyond the status quo in reducing our building’s energy demands and resources Do we understand and are we respectful to the environment we are building in Do we understand the resources in this context and on this site Have we designed to suit the microclimate in this context Can we put anything back, reuse or recycle Are we conserving as much energy as we can Do we have to import, or can we make it here Will future generations judge that we used resources appropriately Have we used the best technology available to us Have we understood the possibilities inherent in the brief Are we adding quality to the environment Are we adding value to the client’s investment Have we designed in such a reduced form that the results endure content and time Are we creating simple cost-effective solutions that are easy to build in this context Will the building still be relevant in the future Will improving the neighbourhood add value to the building Will our building improve the neighbourhood Will our building add value to the community Do we have the neighbourhood’s well-being at heart Do we understand the investment in the neighbourhood Have we considered the wider community affected by our intervention Are we enhancing the neighbourhood in years to come Have we created the best setting possible for the users to work, live, learn or play in How will the user feel about the light, texture and acoustics of a space How do we put ourselves in the shoes of the user Does the building fulfill our client’s needs in every sense How will occupants feel in the buildings How will our clients feel in the space we create How do we make a great place How will we achieve value for the client